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Ten Reasons Why Branding
Has A Strategic Affect On Your Bottom Line

Over the years we have come to learn that development of a designed corporate graphic identity is much more than a mere benchmark denoting successful arrival in business. A clearly defined and easily recognized identity has, in fact, become a critical success factor in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Here are 10 simple statements that briefly explain some of the primary benefits that can come from a thoughtfully designed and developed corporate image.

1. It’s easier to know who you are, which means:

2. It’s easier to know what you do. (Helps develop goals)

3. It’s easier to know how to do it. (Helps with implementation)

4. Less energy is expended overall. (Creates efficiency in communications)

5. Team building occurs naturally when staff can identify with a common symbol, common language and therefore common goals. (Sports uniforms are a good example. Every player feels part of the group)

6. You can match your image to your clients needs or view of his business. (A simple matter of “give’em what they want.”)

7. With a clearly defined identity you communicate more efficiently with your customers, and they remember you more easily. (Memorability is easier when everybody clearly knows who you are.)

8. Enhancements in the overall quality of your product or service. (Consistency always counts.)

9. Benefits and unique qualities of your business are communicated more clearly to your clients thereby increasing sales. (Marketing tool)

10. Helps set identifiable standards of quality in your product or service. Helps with a sense of reliability by developing a “brand identity.” (Brand names are trusted.)



Tim Kenney Marketing Partners is a full-service strategic marketing and graphic design firm located in metro Washington DC. Our "award wall" boasts over 100. But we believe that awards don't amount to anything if our marketing did not achieve results. Let's face it, the object of our work is to get people to buy your product, to vote for you, to subscribe to your magazine. And if we get commended for it by our peers, so much the better. Visit Tim Kenney Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design and Web Design.

About TIm Kenney Marketing

Tim Kenney Marketing is a full-service strategic marketing and graphic design firm located in metro Washington DC.

We like to say that we have been both blessed and cursed with diversity: Cursed, because our work spans many different media, is complex, difficult and often requires long hours and extra effort. Blessed, for the very same reasons. Sometimes, we find ourselves in over our heads. But there are amazing things you can learn underwater.

About Tim Kenney Marketing

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