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Because we can't let our experience go to waste, this site offers you some selected short subjects that will help explain how we go about the business of building brands, influencing opinions and generally design the world we live in. These items are offered free for your use. If you feel the need to reproduce them, we simply ask that you include our copyright information with the document and a link back to our website.

In addition, since there are so many cool partners that we've had the opportunity to work with over the years, we wanted to provide you with some links to their websites.

The internet is a vast linking medium, joining individuals, philosophies, and ideas across great distances into meta-communities with a click of the mouse. We believe in this. And hope you will spend a few minutes here enjoying it as much as we do.

Monday, May 7, 2007
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marketing, advertising, graphic design and web design articles

Knowledge Base

  1. Consumer Purchase Decision Making Process
  2. The Font Factor: Using, Choosing and designing with the best fonts
  3. Collateral Marketing Every Small Business Needs
  4. Building a Case for Brand Identity
  5. Ten reasons why branding has a strategic affect on your bottom line
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about tim kenney marketing

About TIm Kenney Marketing

Tim Kenney Marketing is a full-service strategic marketing and graphic design firm located in metro Washington DC.

We like to say that we have been both blessed and cursed with diversity: Cursed, because our work spans many different media, is complex, difficult and often requires long hours and extra effort. Blessed, for the very same reasons. Sometimes, we find ourselves in over our heads. But there are amazing things you can learn underwater.

About Tim Kenney Marketing

The Latest from the
Design Front...

chronicle of the horse web design
Chronicle of the Horse Redesign
The Chronicle is the oldest horse magazine in the country. Tim Kenney Marketing was approached to redesign the website and it's architecture.

Tim Autrey Group
Tim Autrey helps some of America's largest companies eliminate human error to save lives and money. Lucky for Tim Kenney Marketing, he let us go nuts with a dark and futuristic web design to promote his services. Names Tim Kenney as Expert Author
After providing with articles he has written on marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and web design, the site has named Mr. Kenney an expert author!

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